I see trans people – Biggotry in the name of tolerance

(this one is gonna be a long one, brace yourselves)

As far as I’m aware, I’ve only been in the presence of a transgender person, a woman, once in my life. I heard of her transgenderism from co-workers who were explaining to me that A. (a very arian man-whore who was in a commited relationship at the time – as far as his girlfriend knew) was trying to get laid with the new executive floor attendant (it took place at a hotel). They told me about A. trying to get laid with her (and her being very keen on his approaches) and this A. guy later being warned off by another co-worker who knew her when she was still a he. While I cannot for the life of me figure out why a horny guy would be put off by this when he obviously not only found her hot but also got the confirmation that she had a functioning vagina, I admit I laughed my ass off. Well, mind you, laughing my ass off when I heard about someone’s transgenderism, believe it or not, had me explaining to a bunch of white cis males (heeeere we go…), one of them quite homossexual too, that I wasn’t a biggot.

See, long story made short: a month before that, I had put up with a cook (let’s call him B.) in my patisserie who was celebrating his last day working at the hotel kitchen – that is, I enjoyed the presence of a man I considered to be very cute for several hours before he was gone from my life forever. Well,  he did so by bringing a case of 24 pints of beer to the workplace at noon and vowing not to leave before he and others had made the case empty (we ended up drunkenly sharing a cheeseburger sitting on the curb behind the hotel in a warm summer night, but I “digest”…). Well, while he was hiding his drunken state by me at the patisserie he blabbed a lot. He told me about the new lady who was exectuive floor attendant starting that day, and paraphrasing B.:

She is the most fucking beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! In my mind, I have a pretty well-shaped idea of how a woman should look like, and she is it!! I could’ve just run up to her and kiss her, if only I didn’t have a girlfriend!

The good news is, not all white cis males (*smirk*) are cheating manwhores. But the bad news is (and here is why I laughed so hard), the perfect woman for a guy I find very cute is almost 100% chizeled by the surgeon’s scalpel – and quite legitimately so. Well, that kinda leaves me screwed (or quite the opposite).

And now here’s my beef: although I’m not a hipster, I used the term “cis” ironically as I wrote this. I don’t have a problem with any kind of sexual orientation (whereas, as you can see, I frown upon promiscuity, but no one is perfect), I don’t have a problem with transsexuals, and as far as I could tell, a whole bunch of oh-so-mean white cis males don’t have a problem with it either (even if I found the rationalizations from one of them about why a transgender woman is the perfect girlfriend fucking pathetic, but hey…). But the age of cis and trans as come and woe us! We are so unspecial and such biggots being cis!

Here’s the deal: I see people using the terms cis as an insult and trans as something everyone is forced to accept, no questions askedthis is the reverse copy of straight biggots.

I see people calling themselves trans or claiming to have children/family who are trans and accusing “cis” people (like me) of not knowing, not being able to ever know what it’s like, becuase we are cis and only know our point of view. If I can’t comprehend trans people, trans people can’t comprehend me or any other cis person! This is not negotiable! Either we all acknowledge each other as sensient beings capable of empathizing with others, or we all mutually respect the fact that we will never fully know what the other side is like!

I see trans people (and other related people I’ve mentioned) classifying their hardship as harder than the hardship of other minorities – up to the extent of putting the gays and the african-american (because fuck all other black people, right?) in the same level of social hardship. Every single group of people has hardships, bullshit expected from them by this group, by that group, by society, you name it – including the white cis male, both the straight and the gay ones, who you so joyously include in the same category. If you some day decide to look past your belly button, maybe you will come to realize this.

I am sick and tired of biggotry in the name of tolerance and I will have none of that.


The relation between the female butt-shape and pseudo-scientists

I consider myself quite science-oriented, even so many years after abandoning my engineering degree. I believe in love – all other valid forms of love aside, I mean the love that makes you desperately want to have sex with a specific someone else and yet somehow still accept it when and if that’s not possible for physical or moral reasons. I believe this kind of love starts with a flow of hormones and other chemicals through your body; I believe it is something you develop through getting to know someone and working at it if you deem the other person deserving of your unique way of affection. For this reason, I don’t believe in love-at-first-sight. I jokingly say I believe in lust-at-first-sight. But yes, I do believe you can form bonds and grow to love someone you’ve had that “lust” experience with. With that said, I wonder…

what kind of moronic pseudo-scientist do you have to be, to go around saying

For your information, you don’t feel with your heart!


THIS ♥ is not a heart. THIS *insert pic of pig’s heart* is!”

Do hey really think this makes them sound cool or intelligent? Really, it makes them sound like they know neither science nor fellings and that doesn’t put me in awe of someone, it doesn’t even make me feel sad. First it makes me mad, as you can probably tell. Then it makes me chuckle.

For your information, dear pseudo-scientists, if you think your cardio-vascular system isn’t going to feel a thing when hormones rush through your bloodstream, I sure hope you’re flunking freshman-biology.

For your information, dear pseudo-scientists, this ♥ represents the shape of the female butt (though I could name a few men-butts who would certainly classify as well), first used by an Italian if I’m not mistaken. If I am, it still represents the hindquarters of a female about to get it stuck into her nether parts (been dying to use the word “nether” since Amy said it on Big Bang Theory), something people might want to do even more so when they’re, oh say… in love.

Yes, we’re back to lust! And does it get more biological than that?! My heart does race when I’m in love and I will write a ♥ on Facebook everytime I mention an actor (TV series, whatever) I adore. And that doesn’t make me an idiot.

The only “lovey-dovey” expression I have a problem with is the “butterflies in your stomach” thing. Like the German say, bless them: “if you want butterflies in your stomach, shove catterpillars up your ass. Now pass the ibuprofen please, I have a headache.