An ADHD anecdote

So here’s an ADHD anecdote that happened to me a couple of days ago. Mind you, “normal” people will occasionally misplace things that will lead them to such intricate stories, they’ll have a good one to tell for the rest of their lives: usually repeating to me the same old story whenever I tell them the next weird one that happened to me. Yes, I get it, you once misplaced something and remind that to me whenever I tell you the story of one of the things I misplaced this week. You’re so ADHD. Hahaha.


But I digress! So, here it is: I’ve been having some trouble with my sciatic nerve and more often than not, it’s acompanied and eventually worsened by the stiffening and inflamation of muscles surrounding the nerve on the lower back. So a couple nights ago, I decided I was going to fall assleep with a warming flask on my back. So I put a pot of water on the stove (I own no kettles).


Now, normally, during the day, whenever I put something on the stove and leave the kitchen, I won’t allow myself to sit down so I won’t forget that I’ have something on the stove – somehow I can’t sit down when absent-minded, so this works fine. It’s a strategy I came up with before the diagnosis, when I nearly burned the kitchen down trying to boil a couple of eggs.


But it was night, PC was shut down, nothing I had to do standing up, so I set the alarm clock in the kitchen. I went into my room and proceeded to rub some anti-inflamatory ointment on my lower back. Then I washed my hands and got a bit distracted in the mirror. But not a lot. Just enough, that I realized it was night time, I was in desperate need of boiling water and had nothing to do but stare at it.


So I did. I went into the kitchen and impaciently stared at the water. It was far from boiling. There were only now tiny bubbles of air forming on the bottom. But with my typical impatience, I decided it might be hot enough, turned the stove off and poured the warm water into the flask. I made some mental excuses like “You always pour the water too hot, anyway!”


Satisfied, I went into the bedroom and proceeded to lie down on my stomach on my bed, place the warm flask on my lower back, and then tried to cover myself up til the head, while on my belly the whole time. A complicated task that more often than not makes me feel lonely, but I was awesome that day! I did it so well and so quick!


And then I opened my e-book and *BEEP-BEEP ….. BEEP-BEEP*. The alarm clock in the kitchen went off. I didn’t forget to turn the stove off, but I forgot to disengage the alarm when I took the water off the stove.