About a tired person

I’m a single woman over thirty. I tend to rant and ramble. I was recently diagnosed with ADD for the first time in my life. It explains a lot, including my tendency to seamlessly hop from one subject to another, and ramble. The ranting part is all upbringing and personality, trust me.

I’m an immigrant were I live in Berlin, the best city of all. I know a few languages, but I chose english to write on the blog. Well, it’s just so darn easy and universal! As a personal challenge, because I have a tendency to write more than even I care for, I set my goal to make each post 500 words or less. I intend to train myself to get to the point as straightforward as possible.

Why am I tired? Well, I really am not old enough to be tired, but my trouble focusing have made a few things not quite impossible, though still ten times as hard as for the average Joe. I struggle at work, I struggle in my private life, and when I’m not struggling – which still is an amazing amount of time – I’m living inside my head. And while this is something that came easy as a teenager – well, what else are you gonna do as a teenager? – it became very tiresome.

Still, I enoy most of it. I enjoy philosophizing while I’m walking to the bus and while I’m IN the bus about to miss my stop and I want to share at least some of it with the world at large. Welcome to my blog.


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