Dare to be pink

“She’s too pure to be pink”

I love the movie Grease and I love the line – Rizzo, member and pretty much boss of the mean-girls “Pink ladies” said it, my favourite character. I love pink in all shades, but I especially love bright pink or the very opposite “old pink”.

Sitting in front of me on the bus today, a granny sat with her grandkid. Her grandkid was wearing a very kitsch cappy with pink-shaded mice on it, sneakers with pink highlights and a bright pink jacket with a light pink cross-stitch heart-pattern on it. Her grandchild, about 5 years old, would not give up until it made clear to granny, physically and verbally, that it felt an extreme wish to climb onto granny’s lap, despite the kid being at an age where kids are supposed to start wanting to act grownup. It breaks my heart to see little girls dressed like this. I broke my heart twice as much because her grandkid was a boy. Yes, I’m (almost) sorry to point out a difference between sexes when it comes to wearing a colour, but I do, and let me explain.

I love a man who dares to wear pink – or anything feminine like a braid or some kind of bag because they want to carry more around than the clichéd “keys and a wallet” bulging out of a buttock. I love a broad shouldered man with a bright pink shirt; a business man with a pink tie or a light pink shirt with his navy-blue suit. I love the kind of man who can wear something that many think of as girly, like it’s the most natural thing in the world and he can still knock any woman out of her socks (yes, I enjoy being surprised and uplifted by other human beings and if they’re human beings I’d like to f*ck (in my case, men), so much the better. Damn my raging hormo—uuuh PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY!!1!). I like a manly man in pink, yes, a manly man who can wear pink and still not fall into the ridicule of making preposterous comments like “I’m in touch with my femininity”.

But a kid is not a man. Ok, so the darned kid likes pink and wants to wear pink. But did I mention I cringe when I see little girls wearing only pink? A girl wearing lots of pink is tasteless enough, but a boy wearing all pink screams “look how in touch I am with my child’s wishes!”. Jesus, if the boy wants to wear a pink shirt, let him wear a pink shirt, but try and teach the kid not to be so darned tacky! Has anyone taught these parents that they’re supposed to raise their child? And that that means not giving into every whim? Jesus christ, a boy wearing tons of pink is a sign of trying to break with societies conventions, sure thing, good enough. But would you please not use you child as an accessory to do so, you irresponsible, know-it-all, asshole excuse for a parent?

Seriously, this whole gender mainstreaming is going way too far (if it helps, I have gay friends who would frown upon a little boy dressed like that). If I ever have kids, I’ll never point out that these people are wrong because pink is for girls and not little boys, no. But I WILL read between the lines and explain my kids that some people are very much capable of living in society but refuse to do so and try to stop everyone around them to do so so they won’t be so lonely in their fucking misery.


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