Snake-oil bloggers

Oh dang it! Here’s another rant for you!

I’m quite aware that I pass the image of a very bitter person. This is mainly because

a) all I do is complain in this blog (well, mostly, anyway)

b) all I do…

ah, screw it! Read my About page and you’ll see this forum is a platform for the outflow of my bile when needed! I’m not this negative all the time (I’d be institutionalized by now), but when I’m being positive, I’m usually watching a good movie or taking a walk in the park, not WRITING about it. Maybe I’ll give THAT a go someday, but right now, I’m just gonna go with “NAH!”.

I have very few followers, for which I’m still thankful – some will even like a post once in a while, so I’m happy to know I landed in YOUR reader (yeah, YOU! Think I didn’t notice?) instead of being a random follower to get me to look at your page, which I always do.

And because I always do look at the page of people who started following me, I notice and get annoyed at the snake-oil bloggers. Every once in a while – must be 3 or 4 of them by now – I get a follower, go to their page, and what do I find? Sales. Worse! Self-help sales! Is there a worse kind of help than the stranger imposed self-help? I mean, seriously! SELF-help is SELF-explanatory. It’s the kind of help that has to come from within, or else…. where the hell is the self part?!

I’ve had it. I quickly checked and noticed that, on my blog, you don’t get to see who else is following, and that is good! No way those a-holes will make anyone curious about who else is following me and get yet another hit on their view-counter. The next step is telling them on their comments section that they can kindly stick it where the sun don’t shine – sure it won’t show on their comments, but I’m hoping they have to read everything before they approve the two or three thankful comments that show up (some really seem to only thank out of politeness, it looks like they didn’t even notice what kind of blog they landed in)

And yes, I know some people have to make money somehow, but I cleaned toilets for a living, once upon a time. It’s a decent, hard-working job. Anyone trying to make an easy buck from a low-morale job is telling more about their personality than I am about mine with this blog. I hate seeing people being abused for their vulnerability, and sadly, snake-oil sellers will always manage to get a few. I wish I could do more than telling a few of them that they’re no better than vultures and missed me as a target.

So anyway, here is a big thank you to the few followers who have me on their reader – and even to those who don’t, really. Thank you for not trying to sell me anything.

(I have one blog post every day now. The skies really need to clear up and gimme some sunny weather for my daily strolls in the park again!)

(and yes, this shows I’m unhappy with the image I’m giving of myself on a very anonymous blog. It should also show that I’m EVEN MORE unhappy with snake-oil sellers, don’t miss THAT point before you comment)


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