Smarty-pants parody of your average plus-size blog-post

I have been fat all of my life and hated my body the same amount of time. So I’ve allways hidden my body. It wasn’t until I recently completed TWO WHOLE DECADES of my life that I realized, this wasn’t me. This was the patriarchal society telling me how to see myself and how to feel. And it was time that I starded feeling beautiful, no matter what others think. But I’m still gonna blog about it and show others how beautiful fat people can be, just because.

And I’m also here to tell you that YOU must feel good about your curves too! Even if I have an hourglass-shape and you have a big bulging belly, YOU are beautiful too and don’t let my overall insecurity oozing all over this post make you think otherwise! You should totally wear hot-pants although you’re plus-sized, no mater how crooked or ridden with varicose veins your legs are! If others don’t like they, then THEY should look away! If you don’t like it… well, look away too, but wear them anyway! And to prove it, here’s a selfie of me in a skimpy skirt, taken from above because any insecure person knows it’s the best angle and making a goose face, because duck-face is for skinny superficial girls!

And I’m not superficial, by the way. I have only been feeling sorry for myself my whole life because I never felt pretty. And now I’ve decided to prove to the whole blogosphere that I’m deep and meaninful by considering myself pretty, even though I don’t look like your average size zero model. In a partriarchal society.


—- End of sarcasm

(for anyone who doesn’t follow me: size 24 here *wave*)

You gotta love ’em. I get that everyone goes through fases and needs an outlet (hell, welcome to my bitchin’ and moaning lair, dear readers!) but do all these teenagers and young adults need to try to tell me what to feel and what to think? Is it really any better than the “patriarchal society” and the size 0 models telling me what to feel and think? And why? Why are all these bloggers so much better than the “patriarchal society” and the size 0 models, I wonder?

But still, it’s an average. Which means, there are still plenty of good posts with the plus-size tag, which is why this tag will, for the time being, be kept in my WordPress-Reader. And I will still pat myself in the back everytime I say stuff like this in my blog instead of commenting and calling anyone in their hypocrisy in their own comment section. Baby steps.


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