Beauty is so overrated…

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t going to be a post condemning beauty in every sense of the word – not even a post condemning beauty in terms of appearences. I wax my stupid latin lady-moustache, I pluck around my eyebrows with a pair of tweezers going “ow ow ow!”, I clean and moisturize my face every night, I choose clothes that I find pretty and either make me look good, or at least not like a friggin’ shapeless potato bag. I’ll even wax my legs on occasion, though I don’t wear any shorts or skirts. Just because I like, once in a while, tp look down and see my very own smooth legs. I believe in the importance of being well groomed by your own standards. I think provides enough wiggle room for everyone.

But I have the tag “plus size” on my wordpress reader and everyday when I do my reading on the way to work, I see 90% of plus size related posts about wanting to be beautiful, wanting to be confident and wanting models to be plus sized, because they’re representing beauty standards. Now there are even models demanding that they not be called plus sized. My beef with the whole model situation is: models are not representing beauty standards.

The only thing I expect from a fashion show is to know the tendencies, colours and shapes of the next season

(if only so I can smirk and say “no way in hell….”)

But it doesn’t stop at plus size. I jump to the “freshly pressed” section and there I will find more than one message about beauty and beauty standards. Everyone is saying that you have to be beautiful to be successful;

or that society dictates you have to be beautiful;

or that skinny chicks are unhealthy and not real, fat is the real beauty, curves are beautiful;

or that fat chicks are promoting a dangerous life-style and they’re not really pretty;

or that disney is to blame for your low self-esteem;

or the patriarchal society (I already cringe at this fuckin’ word) is to blame for your self-esteem

(I still wonder how patriarchal a society can be, where I can’t remember the last time I heard white men say anything. If anyone is stoically taking one blow after the other without saying a word, it’s the white male. But that’s a whole other subject)

All I see is people fixated on beauty, like we’re all a bunch of hormonal teenagers. And I have to wonder how anyone so fixated in beauty standards still can expect to be taken seriously. About anything.


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