The meat eating vegetarian

Ah, the meat eating vegetarian… I’ve met several. Well, at least a couple. One of them was a strict vegetarian, but when she went woo-hoo-christmas-is-coming and was asked what made Christmas so special for her, she replied “It’s the one day of the year when I allow myself to eat meat”. Because you know, when it’s christmas-time, animals don’t really die for the meat. But seriously, I actually decided to overlook this because she was a recovering anorexic, and that particular occasion made me suspect that her vegetarianism was her compromise when it came to exert some form of control over her body.

The other vegetarian I knew would eat meat and fish if it presented itself in the midst of a 4-5 course dinner because “I don’t want to be rude or make a big deal of it, you know?”. She later went on a rampage, claiming meat eaters were the most intolerant assholes of all, and therefore she and her vegetarian/vegan friends at work enforced a strict vegetarian-only-policy in the employees’ kitchen forbidding anyone to bring animal products from their homes. Yay for tolerance!

And now there’s me. When I went to college, my subjects revolved around breeding and slaughtering animals en masse for human consumption. Trust me, it did nothing to horrify me into vegetarianism. Although I must say, whenever the teachers wanted to horrify us, they told us how cattle is treated in the USA (almost puts PETA in prespective. Almost.) I enjoy meat. So much. I ADORE it. The fattier the  better: a duck’s breast with a crusty hot seared skin and a layer of fat, some grilled, thickly cut pork-belly stripes, or a fabulously pink steak or, even better, the “brazillian rump” called Picanha, straight from the coal. In fact I love it so much that I completely neglect vegetables in the presence of meat – they ruin the taste of meat for me. No, I don’t care how yummy you think vegetables are, I find meat even better and want more more MORE!

So I gave up meat. Yuh. My willingness to eat more vegetables and my recent personal financial crisis that doesn’t allow me to eat the high-quality meat I want to on a regular basis has made me turn to lentils, chick-peas, beans, potatoes, noodles, all of it joined by vegetables and seasoned with spices (turning to indian food a lot). Except, well… when I eat my piece of whole grain bread, I put salami on it. So there’s my portion of animal protein.

I also want to go local, so I’m looking forward to April and May, when the seasonal vegetables from the region start reaching the farmer’s market. I was very impressed with the quality of vegetables my best friend and her husband cultivated on their back yard, and then I realized: they were in season, duh! I can hardly like vegetables if I’m eating green-house tomatos that taste like…. green. Ugh… My sister is unimpressed by my choice. She’s the type of person who will eat green-house tomatoes in the winter and insiste they are quite tasty. Well, ok then.

Oh, and I still don’t really care for organic, sorry. But that will be another post alltogether.


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