The blogolution

The first time I heard about blogs must have been the very early 00’s (or the very very late 90’s). I was somewhere between 18 and 20 years old, and therefore way older than the youngest bloggers of today. Blogspot was the rage at the time and it seemed like everyone was doing it. I was introduced to blogging by an online friend from Florida (online friends were very much in back then, I have many fond memories of that time) and very baffled at what I saw.

Blogging seemed to be like a public diary. It was like keeping your private diary online for everyone to see. Seriously, you looked at blogs back then, and you’d find entries along the lines of “Went grocery shopping today and missed the bus, what a drag!”. I didn’t get it.

Prompted by an aquaintance, I joined WordPress 8 years ago (under a different account). The blogosphere had evolved into a place where people had something to say, something to share. and the first professional bloggers were around for a while. I started an ambitious project where each post was published in 3 different languages (I’m not quite done with that one yet. I keep wanting to rekindle it.). That didn’t last long.

On New Year’s this year, the same aquaintance insisted that I start blogging again, because I have such an oh-so-lovely way of telling things, even if she never reads and/or gives feedback, because “you know me!” (yeah, I do. You constantly try to pass of your lack of manners and interest in your surroudings for charming)

I started this blog, of which existence none of my friends and family know. I’m still not very sure where I’m going with it. But I think I’ll be going a bit backwards towards what blogs were in the early 00’s. I want  a blog I can look back at and say “Ah, this is what I was up to! This is what I was thinking! That’s what was up!”. Sometimes you strike a conversation up with a stranger and learn something valuable that, while not life-changing, certainly brings something new to your life. I’m hoping this blog will be such a conversation with strangers.

Happy commenting!


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