Upcoming! Friday the 13th – the legend around the number: EXPOSED!

It’s like a mantra of the 20th century: you have to see the positive things. You can’t focus on the negative. There are magic pills and magic formulas to help you see the bright side. Studies that show, if you force your face into a smile even against your will, it will still release dopamine into your bloodstream and make you feel good. There’s the westernization of Yoga and Tai-chi. Every month, every week, every day there is an article on a magazine, newspaper or TV show trying to convince you that focusing on the negative came with the industrial revolution, with the stress, with the 9-to-5 routine (hah! Any nightshifters around?). They try to convince you that it’s a very recent development.

Well I think it’s human nature and it’s been around at least since Judas wasn’t a Judas yet. I mean, think about it: Jesus had 12 disciples, right? They hung together, they were bound to sit and eat all together on several ocasions, all thirteen of them. And then in the last supper, Judas sold Jesus out, and BAM! All of a sudden, the number 13 is bad luck. Talk about focusing on one bad event, sheesh!

In conclusion: don’t just focus on the negative, but don’t listen to anyone who is overly cheery, like we should be capable of fighting human nature all the time through sheer willpower. That’s just f***ing creepy…


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