Pass the passive-agressive, please?

Oh, don’t you just love it? It took me years to truly understand what passive-agressive means, but when I learned for good what it meant, I noticed it it. Not everywhere, but anywhere it popped up. And in my life, that’s everyday life in my line of work.

See, I’m what you’d call “working-class”. And what I’ve been noticing the past few years is: no one in working-class seems to have come to grips that they’re working class. I’m the dumb f***er who was told in kindergarden that all professions are honourable  and actually believed it (and my family kept insisting I wasn’t too dumb for college, ha!). Most other people at work are pretty bitter and I’m the underpaid semi-conservative capitalist who has actually learned to be a cockeyed-optimist (to the point that it makes me a bad judge of character and constantly struggling in bad jobs – but oh, it will all work out. Has to).

So I see people at work making mean jokes at each other, it’s pretty much like the Youtube comment section but like, 8h a day. It’s tiresome. And because it’s not the internet, you can’t very well tell someone to f*** off or close the tab. No, you have to be very good at trolling until the other one looks upset. THEN they tell you, you don’t have a thick skin. You’re so sensitive. And why would you be upset when they’re only joking? Come oooooon, they only said you’re an incompetent bafoon as a joke, how do you not get this? Are you dumb as well as incompetent? Har har.

Look, I’ve discovered today that I’ve become quite good at dismissing passive-agressive with some people, but I’m still annoyed by this puerile form of auto-defense. Yeah, really! It’s childish, insecure and right up there with “if the shoe fits…” and “Maybe you’re projecting?”. Maybe you’re being an asshole and that’s why I’m pissed? Maybe I’m not 5 and I can very well tell when someone is provoking and when they’re just speaking hypothetically?

Ugh. Can’t really have that. I already have to deal with any insecurities my head comes up with. It’s totallty unfair to expect me to deal with everyone else’s.


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