Who am I? Why am I here? Or: the sweetness of the most basic and unnecessary of philosophy questions

I’m trying Blogging 101, like so many other WordPressers. But I already have an about page, so let me take their question of “who am I and why I’m here” and do little twist.

You see, when it comes to a platform like WordPress, these are meaningful questions that deserve an answer. After all, you’re trying to convince total strangers that you’re worth reading. But if you forget WordPress, these are supposedly the big questions in life. Or so every teenager thinks.

I seem to have been an exception on my teens. Don’t get me wrong, I was a stupid enough teenager, but I wasn’t very willing to philosophise those things everyone philosophises about since the dawn of mankind because it’s allegedly the foundantion of us as sentient beings. Nowadays, I will go ahead and think “what’s the point and who would miss me?” when I’m upset because I’ve missed 3 busses in a row. I do that. I’m not here to tell you how fucking special and better than you I am.

But in my early twenties, after reding the first volume of Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, I was prompted by the owner of my usual coffee-house to tell him what it was about. Of course I had to tell him about the search for the meaning of life. But since I didn’t know the answer by then (42), this made me wonder on my own. The best answer I came up with is satifyingly vague for the big question: the meaning of life is to give meaning to other people’s lives. Woooooow. Are you dazzled already? Only a 20 year old can come up with this, right?

Now I’m over thirty. I still philosophize a lot, though I hate philosphy. I don’t think about the meaning of life. I think it has no meaning and I’m pretty ok with that. I try to keep busy and I’m a pretty content person, though my rambles oftern border on bitter even to my own eyes. But one of my sisters did recently stand up for me and said “but Rosaleen DOES cherish what she has!” (which isn’t much, trust me). My best friend recently explained her husband about the people who played a major role in becoming a successful person (STEM researcher, bitches! Yeah!) and guess what, I was one of the two mentioned people (pastry-chef here)! And a friend who never had friends she meets on a regular basis because she considers herself anti-social actually said “When am I gonna see you?!” when I was forced to take a job where I work 3 weekends a month.

So apparently I’m here to be pissed a lot of the time and making an impact on the people close to me on my off-time. Isn’t that swell? And since my life has been unremarkable in the grand scheme of things so far, chances are, everyone else is being grand aswell. If that doesn’t make you feel warm n’ fuzzy, what will?


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