Bully 2.0 – The bullying bullied people

Have you met one of these?

They are usually one of your friends and they were bullied when they were kids or they were bullied when they were teenagers. Or maybe they were supposedly set aside because they’re so “different”. They make you wonder if they were set aside or if they rather set themselves aside. You still love them to bits, though. But.

They call their bullies assholes and criticize them for having been mean and having ruined parts of their lives. Today, the bullies have pretty much grown out of it and the bullied ones are much better than everyone else. The bullied ones have become the bullies. The product of their bullies 20 or 30 years ago, they’re not keen on having kids to train into being bullies. “If you want a job well done, do it yourself”, seems to be their motto. The new bullies. Bully 2.0

I’m especially annoyed by the “literary bullies”. If you don’t read, you’re a f***ing moron. They read, and they are so much better than everyone else for it. But of course, these people are usually far from reading anything so-called elevated on a regular basis (other than one classic or two) so they’ll simply point out how very much aware they are, that they read entertaining books rather than what one would call literaure, but that it’s still so important to read anything, above all. Unless you’ve read 50 shades of Blah, because if you did, YOU are garbage. YOU cannot possibly have one redeeming thought or quality.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being bullied by a Bully 2.0, I just know a few and I’m sick of listening to their rants on how everyone else is so stupid. I just don’t feel the nead to push their buttons so I’d rather blog it for you than telling them on their faults (have I not any of my own?). And they fortunately know me well enough and appreciate my friendship enough that they’d never bully me. Also because they’re usually very frail, and they know that my response to nonsense like that would be “F*** you and the horse you rode in on, ya big bully.”


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